How to make an investment in the Company?

Register your personal account and follow the step-by-step instructions that you can find here.

Via what payment systems can I deposit my account?

Now the following payment systems are available: Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Dogecoin, MasterCard, Visa

What shall I do if I do not have means available for investing in the Company at payment systems?

We offered you a wide range of the most popular payment systems for investing. You can use special exchange services to exchange your currency for the required digital currency.

Is it possible to earn without investments in the Company?

Yes, you can earn using our partner programs only.

Can I make several investments in the program?

Yes, sure.

In what mode means payment requests are usually processed?

All payments are executed automatically (instantly).

When I make investments, how quickly the money shall be activated and my deposit shall generate profit for me?

All financial operations are executed instantly except for the investments made with crypto currencies. Activation of your deposit, when using crypto currencies, can take some time. This is due to the fact that the system shall verify and approve your transactions.

What if payment was not executed in due time?

Any payment delays that can happen, appear due to the fault of the services providers (payment systems, hosting and other third party services), as well as because of force majeure circumstances. The Company is not responsible for such delays.

In that case we advise you to wait for operation execution for 24 hours. If after 24 hours your payment was not executed, then you should address our Technical support service.

If I made investment with BTC, then in what currency shall I get the charges?

You shall get the charges in the currency of your investment. In your case  – in BTC.

What is minimum amount of withdrawal?

Minimum Withdrawal Amount is $200 USD.

Can I withdraw means on another payment system, not the one from which I made the investment?

No. We do not render currency exchange services.

What is minimum deposit top up amount?

Minimum deposit top up amount is $100 USD

What does partner program mean?

It is the program that supports charging and payment of partner fee to users, whose invited partners invested in our Company via your partner link.

Is it possible to get fee for our project promotion?

Yes. You shall use advertising materials provided to each user in their personal accounts as much effectively as possible.

Promoting our project in social nets, video hosting, at your web sites and in other media, you increase the number of your partners. 

Remember, that the more partners you have, the higher you income in our project is.

For which number of deposits made by my partner I can get partner fee?

You shall get your partner fee every time when your partner tops up the deposit.

If my partner invested with Bitcoin, can I get partner fee in Ethereum currency?

No. You’ll get partner fee in the currency of your partner’s deposit. In this case – in Bitcoin.

Does amount of partner feed depend on the selected tariff?

No, it does not.

When shall I get partner fee for my partner’s investments?

You’ll get partner fee as soon as your partner makes investment.

Can I change upline (inviter)?


Can I lose my partner link or can it be blocked?

No. Your partner link is attached to your on a constant basis and cannot be blocked or lost.

How can I use partner link?

Partner link is to identify new program participants as the investors invited by you personally.

For the program could identify a new investor as your partner, he/she shall follow your link within one session and register in our project.

Can I make several accounts for myself?

No, in case of detection of multiple registrations we block all your accounts with no right of withdrawal.

When the website is available?

We provide 24-hour availability of all system functions.

Is the web site securely protected?

We created indestructible system for web site protection that can withstand any online attacks. The means aimed at website and users security include cutting edge data ssl encryption, powerful DDoS protection and multilevel firewall.

We cannot mention some protection methods, as the information can make the path easy for trespassers.

I see that that the website traffic, investments volumes and general statistics increase significantly. Why does it happen?

We develop and the results are of immediate appeal to the investors all over the world. So increase of basic investment rates is a standard tendency for our successfully developing company.

Can I change email address indicated for registration?

No, for your account security.

What is the client support work schedule?

Clients support is available in online chat 24/7.

How clients’ requests are processed in client support?

We receive a request, check and review it transferring to a corresponding department. Then the client receives answer within 48 hours from the moment of the request.

Are my personal data safe and secure?

Absolutely. The Company under no circumstances shall disclose clients’ personal data to any third parties and stores clients’ personal data in terms of absolute confidentiality.

Is your company legal?

Yes, our Company is registered in Australia.

The required documents are available on page *Contacts*.

What is the reason to buy YFT token?

You can invest in without buying YFT , but in this case unique project features shall not be available for you.

YFT token is applied inside the project, it is required to increase your income and your partner program, and decrease withdrawal fees.

We plan to develop YFT token application areas on a continuous basis, that shall allow to reach maximum results and token price increase up to 100$, 300$, 500$!

What is YFT token emission?

YFT emission = 500 000 tokens.

From which price does YFT token start to be on sale?

Opening price per 1 YFT token makes 0.5 USD.

What is YFT token potential for the nearest future?

We plan to develop YFT token application areas on a continuous basis, that shall allow to reach maximum results and token price increase up to 100$, 300$, 500$!

At what stock exchange can I buy YFT token?

You can buy our YFT token at PancakeSwap stock exchange.

Why PancakeSwap? As it is the best stock exchange with minimum fees at crypto currency market.

Can I keep YFT tokens in my cold wallet, not depositing the project?

Yes, you can keep YFT token in your cold wallet, but in this case you shall not get maximum profit from the project.

I would like to buy YFT token, what shall I do?

We have detailed instructions for YFT token purchase and sale for each investor.

Follow the instructions.

How can I find your token at Bsc?

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