How to start investing

STEP 1: Study our project and select your investment strategy

Start studying our project from the website main page, you are kindly requested to pay attention to important pages such as: Investment program, partner program and payment systems. Select investment strategy to get your desired profit.

Press Register button

STEP 2: Register quickly

If you are interested in our project, follow the registration page. Fill in all the required fields. Note the password field. Save it!

Press create account button

STEP 3: Make your deposit

Top up your deposit with any payment system being convenient for you.
After receipt of means of payment, your investment plan will automatically be accrued with income of 4.00% - 12.50% per day depending on the investment package. If you would like to get increased profit, select a higher investment package.

Press Deposit button

STEP 4: Get profit

Your deposit works within 7 days and 15 days, your profit is accrued daily, right in 24 hours after deposit topping up. Please note that the higher investment plan is, the larger you profit is.

Press Withdrawal button

STEP 5: Profit withdrawal from project

Indicate your payment data in personal account. When there is minimum payment amount at your account, then you can make a request to withdraw means. All requests are processed automatically and instantly.

Press Withdraw button


Instructions how to buy YFT token

MetaMask – is Ethereum wallet with open initial code that supports all types of tokens on the basis of Ethereum (for example, the tokens corresponding with BSC BEP-20 standard and non-fungible tokens, also known as NFT). Moreover you can get them from other users of the network or buy/exchange them with built-in integration with Coinbase and ShapeShift.

STEP 1: Application MetaMask

1. Install MetaMask application in your browser and register.

Install MetaMask

STEP 2: Network setup

2. When you enter your personal MetaMask account, you shall follow Setup page.

3. Select section "Networks", press "Add network", fill in fields as it is shown below, when fields are filled in, press "Save" button.

Network name

Smart Chain



Chain ID


Currency symbol (optional)


URL-address of block conductor (optional)


4. Close settings and open the list of networks, select Smart Chain.

STEP 3: Add token

5. To reflect YFT token in your wallet press "Add token" button. In the pop-up window in "Token contract address" field indicate YFT token address - 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7. When token contract address is entered, other fields shall be filled in automatically. Press "Forward" button. And in the nest window press "Add tokens" button.

STEP 4: Buy YFT token

6. To buy YFT token you shall top up your wallet in any way convenient for you: via stock exchanges, currency exchanges or other crypto currency wallets, the most popular crypto currencies are USDT, BNB and BUSD. Important! When sending means you shall select Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) net

7. You shall top up your wallet for the amount of at least of 0.03 BNB - these means are required for you for fees payment, purchase, sale or transfer of means from your wallet. You can top up it from other crypto currency wallets as well or by purchase for the existing means at MetaMask balance.

8. Follow the link to PancakeSwap stock exchange, press Connect Wallet.


9. If everything is correct, then your screen shall look like this. To buy tone select currency for which you wish to buy YFT token in the upper line. In the bottom line - in token search field - indicate YFT token address - 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7. Press "Import" button. Confirm your choice in the next window.

10. F everything is correct, there shall appear trade pair with your selected currency at the top and YFT token at the bottom.

11. Buy the required number of YFT tokens. After purchase tokens shall be automatically reflected in your MetaMask wallet.

STEP 5: Token transfer to platform

If you would like to use our token in the project you shall transfer it to the Personal account of the project.

12. Enter MetaMask, press "YFT " token, in the pop-up window press "Send". In this section indicate your account that we assigned for you, it is available at our website in personal account in "YFT token" section. Copy the address and paste it in search line of MetaMask recipient. Indicate the number of tokens that you would like to transfer. Then press "Forward" and "Confirm" in pop-up window.

13. When operation is executed, YFT tokens shall be transferred to your project wallet and shall be shown at balance in your personal account. There is no any freeze for token withdrawal, you can withdraw them at any time with 0.5% fee.

14. Our system checks all accounts for YFT tokens quantity at 00:00 UTC, then all changes of investment plans, partner programs and "fee free withdrawal" bonus are executed.

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